Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Snow Storm 2014

In February we had a weird Southern snow storm.
It started out with freezing rain which turned into 
these little ice balls and then into snow.
The roads were covered so the town shut down
for a couple of days.
We got several inches of snow.
Snow makes everything look so beautiful.
The dogs thought it was fun to play in.

A few days after all the snow melted, we had a little earthquake.
It was an eventful week

Monday, February 17, 2014

Marinated Mushrooms

I recently had to take a couple days off
work due to a southern snow storm.
I knew this was gonna happen so I 
prepared myself with something to do.
I had been wanting to try canning these
marinated mushrooms for a long time.
I decided this was the perfect excuse.

I got 10 packages of small button mushrooms

All the ingredients 

A pot full of mushrooms

The finished product

You have to wait 6 weeks to eat them so
they have plenty of time to infuse with flavor
I can't wait

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Price is Right

I have always been a huge game show
lover and so while we were in California
we went to a taping of The Price Is Right

I had to make us shirts so just in case
one of us got called up, we'd look good

We got there at 8:30 am and stood in line for a
long time- like 5 hrs
And after a quick 20 second interview with
the producer to see if they want to pick you to
come up, we finally got to go inside the studio

Once we were inside it was so fun
The studio was way smaller then it looks on tv
but the announcer was funny and the host
Drew Carey was awesome.  He would
talk to people in the audience when it was 
the commercial breaks.  Neither Cali or I
got called up but the girl behind us did so
if you watch the show on Feb 12th you will 
see us giving her high fives and cheering
It was pretty dang cool

California Adventure 2013

These pictures are all from 
California Adventure
It's right across from Disneyland
and has a lot of the Pixar stuff from Disney
They had a Cars land and it is just like
you are in the Cars movie.
It was awesome
We had such a good time
The weather was prefect durning the days 
and just a little chilly at night.  
It wasn't crowded at all.  The
third day we went to both parks and
the longest we waited in line was like 
8 minutes.

Breakfast Bunco

November was my month to host Bunco
I went with a "mornings" theme
I made breakfast foods and the gifts were
things you use in the morning
And since it was November I threw in a little
Fall stuff too

The table scape with pumpkin printed burlap and
brown paper table cloths

I made pumpkin donut holes for dessert

They are heavenly

I made a fruit tray

I also made pumpkin french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, 
sausage and homemade hot chocolate

Everything tasted yummy.  It was a fun night

Yet Another Painting Class

Some time this summer I did another painting class
with Katy and Stacy.  It was Katy's first time
and of course it was a good time, they always are
even though my painting really are no
pieces of art-  haha

All finished

Fun girls and a fun night

Halloween 2013

We kicked our Halloween season off 
this year with some 
pumpkin painting
Nash used paints, stickers, glitter and candy
to decorate his, pretty much everything but the
kitchen sink.
He was so proud

This is mine

On Halloween at work we all dressed up

I was a "Holy Cow"

The dogs dressed up too and we went to the 
Trick or Treating in downtown Watkinsville

Later that night Lexie and I went to the church Trunk or Treat
and this our decorated trunk
 Pretty Spooky